Ashley & Kyle


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Ashley & Kyle

What a beautiful Wedding.  So happy everything

worked out with the date and Kyle not getting deployed!

Rock the house kept everyone on the dance floor and did a terrific job

on the lighting.  Plantscaping did the flowers (beautiful job Arnie)

and Kim Singerman from noteworthy events was the coordinator.



Jonathan & Elizabeth

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Michelle & Tim

Photographing your Wedding was pure fun for me!

I loved that you and your Bridal picked up on my energy

and I didn’t have to fee “guarded” with my shots or

be on my best behavior!  Not much to say so I’ll just show off

my favorite pictures!!!  Congratulations!!!



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Gina & James


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Gina & Jim we have all been looking forward to this for a long time!

I feel like a big part of this Big Italian Family!  Jim’s Dad always keeps me laughing

ever since Amy’s Wedding!  It was so nice to see everybody again!  Brad, Candy, Saige,

and I were super impressed with the decor in the Marriott Key!   Rock The House seriously

rocked out the lighting for your Wedding!!!  With every Wedding some things don’t go as planned.

We probably should have warned the Band ahead of time that you own a cement company!

Anyway we all loved being with all of you and by the time I got back things were rockin as they should be

with a Big Fat Italian Wedding!    Congratulations!!


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Caryn & Anthony

What a beautiful Wedding!

Shoreby Club always delivers the most beautiful sunsets in the city!

I was very excited to do the last of three beautiful sisters Wedding!

I have really grown to love all of you as well as your extended families!

Maribeth told me she had such a great time as well photographing your

wedding (especially the guys)!  Toni from PF design did a fabulous job with the Decor.

The band was Twist who kept the party going strong!



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Heather & Bryan

So from what I heard from Leslie & Heather (photographer Heather) your Wedding was one

to remember!  Can’t say I ever had a limo driver do a hit and run or get arrested but there’s

a first time for everything.  Anyway the photos look terrific and it looks like everyone really

enjoyed themselves!  Both girls were thrilled to fly in for your Wedding!


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The Fest

40,000 Catholics all in one place participating in a mass with communion!


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Wow this is such an impressive thing to experience!  I have had the pleasure of knowing Fr Bob Stec

for 20 years and am proud to call him my friend!  This world is truly a better place because of him!

“We were all CHOSEN by god for a greater purpose”.  Admittedly I don’t usually pay attention to

whatever Rabbis and Priests say during the ceremony’s but Father Bob is a captivating speaker even

as I’m playing with my camera settings!  I have to say that watching this great event grow over the past several

years from 1000-40,000 I’m so proud of Father Bob and all that he’s accomplished in his 25 years as a priest!

If only I were Catholic!


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Katie & Mike

This past weekend I had the pleasure of capturing Katie and Mike’s “First Time” wedding at The Country Club.  The weather cooperated and we got all the pictures we wanted… it was a miracle!  Katie even got to put on the green with her dad like she did when she was little.  The ceremony was perfectly indoors with a just the right amount of humor, the reception rocked and the sparklers… well they sparked almost as much as Katie and Mike.  Thank you for such a fun and entertaining night!


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Candy & Brad



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Mara & Patrick


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Sometimes we shoot events that take a lot more planning and delegating than others.  This was one of those Weddings!  Many details planned to the minute!  Kim Singerman (noteworthy events) along with Mara & Marilyn (mother of the Bride) certainly put their hearts into this Wedding!  Patrick and Mara really enjoyed every moment and midnight just came too quickly!  Stephen Tokar outdid himself with the decor not to mention that he and his staff had to set up twice as we were all hoping for an outside ceremony!  I’m sure he was even more exhausted than all of us running around the Art Museum like crazy people!  Cleveland Celebrity Chef Doug Katz served the beautiful entree which looked delicious.   The Band from Pittsburgh (details to follow) was amazing!  Rabbi Stone and Father Bob  led a beautiful ceremony mixing two traditions in a beautiful way!  We are all so happy to be a part of this incredible day!

Jonathan, Maribeth, Saige, and Elizabeth

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Katie & John


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The minute Candy and I met Katie & John  we knew we wanted them on our wall!

We knew we would have a great time and obviously knew they would do well for our cameras!

We also love that they are dog people!  Hillbrook is always beautiful and Tony from PF design did a great job on the decor.

Phyllis Lester always make THE BEST TASTING CAKES (OMG we don’t usually get any but were lucky this time.)

Congratulations to all!

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Elyssa & Matt

I had the oppertunity to photograph a very special Wedding!


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It wasn’t special because of the flowers (sorry Tina from Prestige but nice job anyway)

or the food or venue.  The Bride is a Rabbi and Groom a cantor.  They were both so

dynamic and interesting to watch and listen to.   They were very involved in the

two day long services and ceremony!  There was a moment I even did Video (which I never do)

because it was such a fabulous moment watching 11 Rabbis and 9 cantors mostly newly ordained

welcomed in the new week and say goodbye to the Sabbath.  I couldn’t help but feel excited for all the

peoples lives they will all enrich with their spirit and love!  Mazal Tov


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