Lauren & Adam

This was so exciting for me!  My first time shooting at the Westin Downtown.  It’s such a great place to shoot!  I love Urban Farmer’s… they have a feather chandelier… just saying:)   Lauren made my job so easy… well, just look at her.  She has the prettiest blue eyes, great hair and her smile lights up the room!  Adam, you are not so bad yourself!  You two together are perfection.  Your story is the cutest,  Adam wrote in her high school year book… ” To Lauren, the future Mrs Weiss.”  So sweet… LOVE you guys!  So honored to be your photographers!


Candy, Simone, & Maribeth

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Robyn & Michael

Robyn & Michael… The last of the Arsham, Weingart, Green family Weddings at least for this generation!

I’m kind of sad about it but really looking forward to Lindsay’s Bat Mitzvah!  I really love all of you

and I hope that the photos do show that!  Arnie did an amazing job on the flowers and I did like the heart shaped chuppah!

Alicia from The Country Club (actually called The Country Club like who’s on 1st) is one of my favorite coordinators

and really did a great job on your Wedding!  The Orchestra (formerly known as the Jerry Bruno Orchestra) also did a terrific job!

I look forward to many happy occasions in the future from all of you!  Mazel Tov!

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David and Chris

I had the pleasure of photographing this very special WEDDING!  This Wedding is very ordinary in the sense that

a couple meets falls in love and gets Married.  It’s special because sadly this type of Wedding would be only a commitment

ceremony in most of our Country.  Shooting David and Chris was super easy and they followed my direction well.  David had a few Idea’s

of his own as well like the the famous scene from the Bow of the Titanic.  As this was my only experience shooting a same sex Marriage

I was a bit worried I would be too over the top with some of my normal to me types of photos I do with my couples but it all worked out

and came very natural to me.  The parents were so thrilled to have a Wedding for their son’s and were both so proud!  Their friend Dedra

performed the ceremony.  Congratulations!

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Emily’s Batmitzvah

This event was AMAZING!  The backyard was tented beautifully, despite the rainy day.  We had pockets of sunshine which allowed for outside family photos and photos of Emily.  The tent was perfectly decorated in pink and white paper flowers… so elegant.  Emily’s speech was beautifully done, followed by dinner and dancing.  Such an honor to be there!!

Candy & Jason

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Renee & Cody

All of us enjoyed shooting your Wedding all four of us!

Renee you looked beautiful and Cody not so bad either!

Meeting your Golden Retriever at your Dad’s Veterinary

Spa was pretty cool too.   You are both very photogenic

and Brad had no issues getting great shots of you at the other

photo locations!  You were all a pleasure to work with!


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Leslie & Michael

Even though the weather wasn’t  ideal we sure made the best of it!

The Indian’s Stadium was one of the highlights of the day and touring

around the city to some of my favorite picture spots was a really fun experience for all.

Plantscaping did a terrific job decorating the Renaissance Hotel and the party

was really awesome!  The Orchestra did a great job keeping everyone on the dance floor

until the very last song at Midnight!

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Kelly & Jason

I can’t remember the last time I was almost in tears at the “getting ready” part of a wedding!  First, it was the letter from Jason to Kelly, very thoughtful and romantic.    Second, a gift Kelly presented to her parents, a picture frame and blanket which had them both in tears.  Lastly, Kristy’s speech to her sister.  The tears weren’t the only thing that had me going… there was plenty of laughter too!  Vivian was the cutest flower girl ever!  She has the cutest curls and did a fine job of walking down the aisle.   The best man’s speech was hysterical and yes, there were fireworks!  They were a surprise to everyone, except for me of course.  There were so many thoughtful gestures all day,  I loved capturing these moments and seeing Kelly & Jason’s day unfold.

Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this very special day,

Candy & Maribeth

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Laura & Samuel

I had so much fun with the two of you!  Laura you photograph like a supermodel!

I couldn’t help but be in the moment every moment of your day.  I promised Shoreby

that I would be super fast for the sunset pics and even though I kept my promise I could have kept

shooting all night.   Mary Rose was worried I would get carried away and she was right to remind me!

Samuel you had me and Jeanette laughing with your dance moves and humor!  Your expression as

Laura walked down the aisle says it all!  Both families were a pleasure to work with and are beautiful inside and out!

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Ashley & Kyle

Ashley & Kyle

What a beautiful Wedding.  So happy everything

worked out with the date and Kyle not getting deployed!

Rock the house kept everyone on the dance floor and did a terrific job

on the lighting.  Plantscaping did the flowers (beautiful job Arnie)

and Kim Singerman from noteworthy events was the coordinator.



Jonathan & Elizabeth

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Michelle & Tim

Photographing your Wedding was pure fun for me!

I loved that you and your Bridal picked up on my energy

and I didn’t have to fee “guarded” with my shots or

be on my best behavior!  Not much to say so I’ll just show off

my favorite pictures!!!  Congratulations!!!


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