Katie & Mike

This past weekend I had the pleasure of capturing Katie and Mike’s “First Time” wedding at The Country Club.  The weather cooperated and we got all the pictures we wanted… it was a miracle!  Katie even got to put on the green with her dad like she did when she was little.  The ceremony was perfectly indoors with a just the right amount of humor, the reception rocked and the sparklers… well they sparked almost as much as Katie and Mike.  Thank you for such a fun and entertaining night!


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Candy & Brad



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Mara & Patrick


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Sometimes we shoot events that take a lot more planning and delegating than others.  This was one of those Weddings!  Many details planned to the minute!  Kim Singerman (noteworthy events) along with Mara & Marilyn (mother of the Bride) certainly put their hearts into this Wedding!  Patrick and Mara really enjoyed every moment and midnight just came too quickly!  Stephen Tokar outdid himself with the decor not to mention that he and his staff had to set up twice as we were all hoping for an outside ceremony!  I’m sure he was even more exhausted than all of us running around the Art Museum like crazy people!  Cleveland Celebrity Chef Doug Katz served the beautiful entree which looked delicious.   The Band from Pittsburgh (details to follow) was amazing!  Rabbi Stone and Father Bob  led a beautiful ceremony mixing two traditions in a beautiful way!  We are all so happy to be a part of this incredible day!

Jonathan, Maribeth, Saige, and Elizabeth

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Katie & John


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The minute Candy and I met Katie & John  we knew we wanted them on our wall!

We knew we would have a great time and obviously knew they would do well for our cameras!

We also love that they are dog people!  Hillbrook is always beautiful and Tony from PF design did a great job on the decor.

Phyllis Lester always make THE BEST TASTING CAKES (OMG we don’t usually get any but were lucky this time.)

Congratulations to all!

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Elyssa & Matt

I had the oppertunity to photograph a very special Wedding!


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It wasn’t special because of the flowers (sorry Tina from Prestige but nice job anyway)

or the food or venue.  The Bride is a Rabbi and Groom a cantor.  They were both so

dynamic and interesting to watch and listen to.   They were very involved in the

two day long services and ceremony!  There was a moment I even did Video (which I never do)

because it was such a fabulous moment watching 11 Rabbis and 9 cantors mostly newly ordained

welcomed in the new week and say goodbye to the Sabbath.  I couldn’t help but feel excited for all the

peoples lives they will all enrich with their spirit and love!  Mazal Tov


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Laura & Jeff

Laura & Jeff you had a beautiful Wedding!  I saw the tears in your dad’s eyes

when he saw you in your gown.  Your mother was so excited for you and so happy

to be there.  It’s always emotional whenever health issues and Wedding mix but

the fact that your mom was present for most of the day was truly a blessing and

thank G-D she is ok now!  Your happiness shows in my photos and I hope they will be

looked at often with fond memories.  I really enjoyed working with all of you!

Jonathan & Elizabeth


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Nicole & Philip

As expected everything was perfect!

The Intercontinental Hotel was decorated beautifully

thanks to Blooms Plantscaping and Rabbi Stone did a wonderful Ceremony!

Everybody was so happy for this couple that happened to meet through mutual

friends!  The Groom found an interesting band from Columbus (I think) that made for

a fun and interesting evening!  I love The Doors but can’t say I ever heard their music

at a Wedding before.  On a personal note my wife walked down the aisle to “Moondance”.


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Brittany & Nicholas


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A prefect summer wedding!

This past Saturday was the longest day of the year, quite convenient for a celebration like that of Brittany & Nicholas.  Not only did they plan the date well, but they planned a great timeline with an early ceremony.   For a day that already goes by so fast, getting that extra head start seemed to allow for a few extra moments to take it all in…and take a shot at Shooters!
We’re so happy for you both,
Leslie & MaryBeth
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Elizabeth & Eddie

Elizabeth and Eddie wow did we have a great time with you!

I made you work hard for me at times because I really wanted some special shots!

I’m sure for years to come you will cherish these “special” shots!  We had

a lot of ground to cover and little time to do it but hey it all worked out beautifully!

Suzie Cargile did her best to reign in the chaos and did a great job coordinating.

Canterbury looked beautiful and should really do more Weddings but may need to tweak

their smoke alarms!  Congratulations!


Jonathan Sage & Rachel!


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Alexis & Shawn

I knew I had made good friends from the moment I met both families!

Both families are a blessing to their communities and are warm loving families.

The mother of the Bride tagged along during the engagement shoot in Columbus

(I never let mom’s tag along) and she also held a flash for me rather than setting up

a light stand.  Both Alexis and Shawn enjoyed having her help with the shoot!

The toast from the Father of the Bride really gave perspective on the whole day

and hopefully perspective to all who read this blog.  He said a prayer thanking G-D

for sustaining us and enabling us to reach THIS DAY.  Whenever there is something

wonderful to celebrate above all else celebrate with all your heart!


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Jessi & Biag

It was truly special for me to be a part of your day!

I have been friends with your uncle (Father Bob)

since we both began our career paths almost

20 years ago!  You were both so much fun to photograph

and Maribeth and I were laughing because you couldn’t stop looking at each other!


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