Mike & Marie

Road trip over the weekend to DC for Mike & Marie’s wedding.  We got to see old friends, the nation’s capital and make new friends on Saturday.  It was the first nice weekend in DC and there were lots of people out and about. We ubbered for the first time.  It’s an app for calling for a ride.  We ubbered to the Jefferson Memorial and Capital Building before heading to the Capital Hill Club.  Mike & Marie, congratulations and thank you for having us,  such a nice change of pace and scenery for us!

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Jonathan and Candy

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Kara & Bill

What an adventure!  Kara, you and Bill were so fun to work with…. Thank you for being such good sports at the outdoor location.  We had so much fun shooting there and as you can see, the pictures are amazing!  We were editing your files on the way to our vacation and people around us kept looking at your photos amazed at what a beautiful city Cleveland is!  We certainly hit some pretty great spots!  We knew we were going to be able to do a lot with you both after the engagement shoot.  You both didn’t mind our horses photo bombing you and making snow angels so close to where we were shooting.  I’m glad the Bridal Party was so cooperative as well!  Thanks for having us!!


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Jonathan & Candy

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Sarah & Kevin

As I was pulling into Sarah’s parent’s street I couldn’t help but noticing a very strange sight.

Several of the neighbors were shoveling and snowplowing the street NOT their own driveways.

They all wanted to be sure all of the Bridesmaids and vendors made it ok to the Wedding.

Having such close family and friends is what it’s all about with these two families!  Sarah didn’t

let the snow get her down in fact she wanted outdoor photos even in her heels!  The Bridesmaids braved the cold

and wow did we hit an awesome location for a snowy day!  The courthouse was a perfect venue for such a large

number of guests.  All had a great time!  Congratulations Sarah & Kevin!   I hope to see you soon!



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Ellen & Tommy

Jonathan and I had so much fun shooting this wedding!  We love working at the Ritz, especially in the winter… there is just something about being downtown on a crisp winter’s day with a blue sky as a back drop.  Not to mention Ellen, who is stunning form head to toe.  No one can beat Tommy’s personality and good looks either:)  We didn’t have any problems capturing the way you two feel about the other… we are so happy that you fell in love and that we got to be a part of your day!

All the best,

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Jonathan & Candy

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Caitlin & Evan

New Years Eve 2013 was a night to remember!  Thankfully all good things!

Everyone made it through the ceremony ok despite a few of the major players having

the flu.  Both of you were worried about not being photogenic…

We worked out all the kinks during your engagement shoot thank goodness!

Speaking of kinks there were a lot of them but neither one of you let them get you down.

Even though the make up artist may have not waited for New Years to begin partying she

still did a nice job even if we started photos over an hour late.  Kids cry all the time

at these sort of things but even she had a great time at the reception as soon as she got out

of that white dress!  The intercontinental looked beautiful!  Arnie Klein from Plantscaping

did a beautiful job decorating your winter themed party!  Also it was nice to finish off the year

with The Orchestra (formally known as the Jerry Bruno Band).  We have worked with them almost every

other weekend since 1994 and still love them!  We have done a lot this year and are so happy and fortunate to be

doing what we love and making so many new friends!  Happy New Year to Everyone!!!

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Jonathan & Candy

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Emunah & Shmuel

Candy and I really enjoyed shooting your Wedding.

Both of you were a pleasure to work with.  We love it when our

couples are just happy and are in the moment rather than stressing

out about every little detail.  It was great to see that you both just kept

dancing and enjoying the company of all your family and friends.  Our

quick photo shoot after the ceremony was the highlight of my day!

Thanks for going outside in the freezing cold!


Mazel Tov!


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Jonathan & Candace

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Margaret & Joseph

I love shooting gorgeous couples in love on their happiest day!

This is definitely one of my favorites!  Joseph was so excited

to surprise Margaret and make this day so incredibly memorable!

The courthouse was amazing with help from a their decorator they

flew in from Aspen.  Their DJ who I have seen at a few Indian Weddings

traveled in from NYC and there was also a guy playing the derbeki drum.

Leslie Dustin and I were all so happy to be shooting their special day!



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Katie & Nate

Wow what a Wedding!  I have been looking forward to this for years or at least since her sister Corrie’s Wedding.

I really love this family!  The way they all look at each other and eyes tear up say it all!  I have only met Nate a few times

and he always seemed nice to me.  When we started our super fast outdoor photo shoot on the ice he fell down hard right

on his butt!  I was worried they would all tell me that this was a really bad idea but instead he got up and said “I’m ok as long

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as it wasn’t Katie”!  As you can see from the pics it was well worth it!

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Some Bat Mitzvah!  She looked gorgeous but I can definitely wait a few more years for my daughter to be 13!

This 3rd event for this family makes me feel like family.  I will be sad for the last one in a few years!

Joe Mineo did a terrific job decorating The Renaissance Ambassador Room.  Rock the House as usual



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Vianne & Stephen

Vianne & Stephen’s wedding had me realizing we are sadly facing the end of our 2013 wedding season.  The day felt like one of November, with a little bit of the warmth hanging on, but the the majority of leaves have now fallen.    Vianne & Stephen, as well as their family  and friends, were all so kind, and let the day flow naturally.  (Even though the limo carrying the bride was slightly late to the church, hardly any stress was in the air!)

What a wonderful wedding to enjoy photographing–it was one that left me feeling so lucky to enjoy my career as much as I do, and that it is one who leads me to know such great people.   The happiness Vianne & Stephen bring to one another is contagious, and had everybody smiling on their way home.

Congratulations, and we’ll see you when you get back from your honeymoon!

Leslie, Jonathan, & Maribeth

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