Whitney & Lou

You had a beautiful day to kick off Winter!

Whitney you know how to turn on the sexy sexy for

the camera and you and Lou had us laughing all night!

Durga’s Peacock feathers were a very nice sentimental touch

and the Botanical Gardens was decorated beautifully!

Looking forward to spending some more time with your

crazy friends at other happy occaisions!  Thanks for having us…

Jonathan, John, and Taylor.


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Melissa & Eli

Eileen was coordinating everything so well and The Marriott was as usual terrific!  Pieter Bouterse as always

fabulous on the decor.  The Orchestra  kept the party going all evening.  I love your story about how you met

at Camp Wise!


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Sarah & Rob

Sarah & Rob were very fortunate to have the last beautiful fall Wedding Day!

The Ceremony was beautiful and officiated by a Judge from Jersey

who is also a family friend, making this day even more special.  Plantscapping

as always, did a wonderful job on the Decor.  Alicia and her team at The Country Club

seamlessly worked with Valerie Kirkbride’s team of  her mini me’s.

Everyone joyfully worked very hard to ensure this Wedding was perfect!


Jonathan & Candy

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Maddie & Kevin

We had so much fun!  Can’t remember smiling so much at a wedding… Maddie and Kevin are so sweet and so in love.  Their love exists in the moment which makes for the best images.  The wedding and reception were at Suburban Temple. The decor featured turquoise and copper, which complimented Maddie’s red hair.  The cake looked like a Tiffany’s box with little white flowers on top.  All of this looked absolutely perfect!   The band… Yiddish Cup Klezmere were fantastic!  They had everyone on their feet singing and dancing all night long!  Maddie and Kevin, you are off to a great start.  I could feel all the love and support in the room… so grateful to be there and to witness your wedding!


Candy & Maribeth

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Tiffany & Justin

Tiffany and Justin were such a fun couple to be with on their Wedding Day!

St. Bernard’s Church was a beautiful church for their Wedding.  Shaker Country Club

was also one of the best fall venues as you can see from the photos!


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Taylor & Casey

Taylor and Casey were married on Saturday.  It was nothing short of spectacular!  This bride flutters, yep… like a butterfly!  When she walks there is a lightness and a giggle,  she is a doll.  Casey just adores her, which made my job of capturing their feelings for each other like a walk in the park.  I enjoyed every moment of this wedding… from watching Taylor apply her own make-up to Casey feeding Taylor an entire piece of wedding cake!  It was really good cake… thanks Phyllis!  Heatherlily did an Amazing job on the decor!  Hoping all your days are like a walk in the park… no doubt they will be.


Candy and Maribeth

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Tiffany & Charlie

What a fantastic wedding at a beautiful venue!  Both of you are

so expressive and were so excited to be getting Married!

Tudor Arms was decorated beautifully by Heatherlilly

and “The Orchestra” as always did a tremendous job!


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Ligia & Zacharia

You and Zach had a beautiful Wedding!  It was a lovely event

for us to shoot with so many cultures represented!  Lake Forest

was a perfect venue for the event and everyone enjoyed celebrating with you!

The Orchestra as always every weekend did a fabulous job keeping the party on the dance floor!

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Nina & Michael

Fairytale wedding at Hillbrook, my favorite venue.  I loved shooting this wedding with live butterflies and beautiful decor.  It could not have been more perfect… from the weather to every little detail.  Nina, the Bride had a vision and Hillbrook was the perfect back drop.  Wait utill you see the photos!  Thank you for having Maribeth and me as your photographers… it was a delight!


Candy & Maribeth

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Caroline & Charles

Caroline you were a wonderful Bride!!!

You were so happy with everything that day and you were all smiles!

Charles was so sweet and so elated to be Married to you!

Lots of happy tears at your Wedding!  Plantscapping did their

usual great job (I feel like I have written this in every post)

and Mayfield Country Club is always a marvelous venue to have a Wedding!

I absolutely loved being with all of you for your special day!

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