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Erica & David

Shooting your Wedding was a pleasure for Leslie and I!

You and your families were all so much fun to work with

and because we have done other family Weddings for both

of your families it just made it that much more special to us!

Tina from Prestige did a wonderful job decorating the Marriott

and Shout band really kept everyone on the dance floor!

Thanks for having us!


Jonathan & Leslie

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Cathy & Chris

I was very moved at how sentimental Cathy was about

getting Married in the same church as her parents.  Your

entire Wedding was a wonderful example of how important family is to you

both.  The entire day was fun and fast moving with just enough time to

enjoy my favorite nacho’s at Shooters!  Congratulations to you both!



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Megan & Mike

I fell in this love with this couple… Megan is bubbly and bright,  Mike is shy and reserved,together…perfectly balanced.  They will have a few things to work out when it comes to sports… but I have no doubt they will pull through.  I may have to side with Mike on this one… I went to OSU too:)  Sorry, Megan… I will side with you on everything else!  Haha!  Loved capturing these moments for you… enjoy the photos and your honeymoon!


Candy and Leslie

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Christina & Jason

” It can downpour all it wants now”  Jason and Christie were a bit concerned looking at

the gloomy forecast for the past three weeks showing rain rain rain!

We had good luck and were able to do everything on our agenda.

We had a lot of fun hanging out on the trolly going all over town

with you and your Bridal Party.  Your secret Wedding present was

a huge hit as you can see from Jason’s expression!  I’m sure you

are both going to have a great time when you get home!  Congratulations!


Jonathan & Brad

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Athena & Tony

I love Greek weddings… I love taking in all the tradition, from the ceremony  to the dancing.  This Greek girl married an Italian… and not just any Italian but one who absolutely adores her.  You can’t miss this… just look at the pics.  Loved being there to capture these moments for you both.  Congratulations…. enjoy!

Candy & Gabrielle


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Elyse & Michael

I knew it was going to be interesting when I started my day yelling at the people in room 1404 to wake up and get dressed that the limo was coming soon to get them and we needed pictures not realizing that I was in the wrong room until I heard the words “no englas”!  Anyway as it turns out everything after that was picture perfect!  I have had the pleasure to photograph many Big Greek family Weddings and portraits and I was thrilled to see everyone so excited for Michael and Elyse!

YaYa and Papu’s expressions say it all and what a blessing to have them there!  Michael it was nice getting to know your family as well and you were a really fun Groom for me to work with!  Your mom’s only request was to capture your reaction when Elyse was walking down the aisle!  I appreciate you lending me your guys when Candy left to do cocktail hour during our photoshoot!  I have to agree with you “they are all really nice guys”!  We were so happy to be a part of your day!

Jonathan & Candy

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Lisa & Kirk

I spent a relaxing, rainy, early afternoon with Lisa & her ladies, and once the man of the hour arrived, the day kicked into gear!  The moment Kirk walked into the door, Lisa was glowing with excitement.  Lisa and I had a few chances to visit before the wedding day, and when she spoke of Kirk, she has always smiled with a particular look–and it was that exact smile that made it’s appearance upon Kirk’s arrival.  In no time at all one could easily recognize how wonderfully these two complimented one another.

Kirk also seemed to bring with him the sun for the day,  bringing Shoreby to life.   Everything that followed fell into place perfectly.  The wedding was filled with so many personal touches, making it even more of an intimate affair.   Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they became a family of four.



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